You Can Get Similar Results From Chemical Fertilizers, But Why Would You Want To?

What if there were an organic solution for everything you grow that could get you the amazing results you want AND was more affordable and simple to use than other organic “solutions”? Now there is! Nature’s Fluid is derived from all natural, organic extracts of vegetation and horse manure with no man-made chemicals added. This also makes it safer to apply.

Nature’s Fluid is changing the way many people think about organic gardening. We have a passion for gardening, and recognize the importance of protecting the world we live in from harsh chemicals that pollute the soil and pollute our bodies when we eat foods grown with them. We are dedicated to using our planet’s soils as Mother Nature intended.

“I tried putting Nature’s Fluid on part of my garden and used what I normally use on the other part; Nature’s Fluid outperformed it by far!” – P. Channelview, TX

A Better & Healthier Way To Grow

In the past, organic products have yielded inferior results to chemical alternatives while charging far more. We never believed that was the way it was supposed to be or the way it has to be. Our passion has been to develop simply the best fertilizer available. Nature’s Fluid was invented by Dr. William Strange. After hundreds of greenhouse hours studying, testing and analyzing other plant foods and fertilizers, he was able to create a formula that gives you the absolute best results in an easier-to-use, all natural, organic liquid plant food.

What’s more? Nature’s Fluid is so simple that you don’t need to keep track of a dozen different components and types of fertilizer for different types of plants. All plants love Nature’s Fluid – because it is a truly natural solution. It should come as no surprise that Mother Nature knows best how to grow amazing plants! Nature’s Fluid produces superior results on all types of vegetables, herbs, shrubs, flowers… you name it.

Whether you are growing produce or plants for beauty, this is the amazingly effective, affordable, easier-to-use solution that has many users growing to love Nature’s Fluid organic plant food.

Nature’s Fluid is made with pride in the United States of America!

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