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From the new home gardener to prize winning experts, many are growing to love Nature’s Fluid… and it is easy to see why. Nature’s Fluid is a true all natural, organic plant food with no chemicals added. So it is safe for you, for your family and for your pets. Many people think that organic products just can’t compete with the chemical fertilizers when it comes to producing healthy, hearty, lush plants, shrubs and flowers. But Nature’s Fluid has been surprising even the experts, producing superior results! We’ve spent hundreds of hours greenhouse testing Nature’s Fluid to develop simply the best, most effective, easier-to-use organic fertilizer available on the market today.

Nature’s Fluid comes ready to use or in concentrate – simply add water, swirl and spray. It is so naturally balanced that you can’t overuse it! “Burn Testing” shows that it will not burn or damage roots and leaves. So even a novice gardener can begin to get amazing results immediately.

Going Green Doesn’t Have To Cost More “Green”

Going green has been hard for many people because of the added cost associated with true organic products. Nature’s Fluid believes that you shouldn’t have to spend more of your green to go green. Our product produces superior results, but without the need to use a dozen different combinations of fertilizers. One, simple, affordable product is now all you need to grow amazing fruits and vegetables. Discover the Nature’s Fluid difference like so many of our home and professional gardeners.

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